SpotOme Tetsudo Koen (Railroad Park)

Ome Tetsudo Koen (Railroad Park) is located on the hill stretching from the north side of Ome Station. Many steam locomotives which once ran throughout Japan are displayed outdoors in the park. In addition, the front carriage of the Shinkansen (the bullet train), a symbol of Japanese economic growth, is also on display here - its dynamic form will leave you overwhelmed. You can go inside the carriage, and can even take the driver's seat in the cockpit, which is a very rare opportunity. If you are interested in Japanese railroad history, it is recommended that you also visit the memorial museum, which houses more detailed materials and also runs miniature train models.

Ome Tetsudo Koen (Railroad Park)



From JR Ome Line Ome station: 15 min on foot (in Nagayama Park)


2-155 Katsunuma, Ome-shi, Tokyo


〒198-0041 東京都青梅市勝沼2-155番地



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