EventsYamaga Toro Matsuri (Lantern Festival in Yamaga)

The festival begins with the decoration of Hono Toro, a lantern shaped like a famous shrine or castle. These toro are made in each area of the city and are then displayed here, drawing the attention of both locals and tourists. "Sennin Toro Odori" is the main event of the festival: 1,000 dancers (consisting of women's association members and girls) swing the lanterns which are placed on their heads. While dancing in a relaxed mood, they shout aloud, "Yohehoh, Yohehoh."

Yamaga Toro Matsuri (Lantern Festival in Yamaga)


August 15 (Sat)-16 (Sun), 2015



Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture


By Bus: ・Fukuoka Airport(Kyushu Sanko Bus)-(Kumamoto Traffic Centre 40 minutes / Yamaga Bus Centre 50 minutes) ・Kumamoto Airport(the Highway Bus)-(Kikusui IC bus stop 70 minutes / Ueki IC bus stop 75 minutes)




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