att.JAPAN is a creative comprehensive information site for visitors and residents in Japan. Travel and event information and recipe, as well as articles on Japanese culture and anime are available.


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att.JAPAN is a magazine for foreign visitors and residents in Japan.
att.JAPAN offers a wide range of information about Japan, from travel & sightseeing to various aspects of its culture to the latest trends. It is a quarterly (issued Mar. 10, Jun. 10, Sept. 10, and Dec. 10) and each issue is 180,000 copies. Delivery covers major airports, hotels and tourist information centers throughout the country.

Japan Map

japan map Hokkaido Sapporo Tohoku Sendai Kanto Nikko Tokyo Yokohama Chubu Hakone Kanazawa Nagoya Kinki Kyoto Osaka Kobe Chugoku Hiroshima Shikoku Takamatsu Kyushu Fukuoka Okinawa Naha
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Travel around Hida City

The city of Hida, in which Hida-Furukawa is located, is known for its quaint town...

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